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Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Nine Months to be Blogger

From Blind toward World Self-Publisher

By Jannerson Girsang

Waiting for Old and New (2009), from my house in the vicinity of Medan, Indonesia I will share you my interesting experiences of having blog for nine months, since I established Harangan Sitora on March 2009. This blog has carved my new life story.

Although it has been late, compared to some other colleagues who got the experience earlier and in their younger age, and even some friend has started bollger since 2006. As new blogger, I have spent part of my spare time in posting and publishing on blog, sharing with the world.

I have been a World Free Self Publisher. A status that was impossible without the 1995's broad application of internet technology and without mastering blog or other online media. Blog, prepared by Google has open new life of a 48-year old man who has never got formal education in blog or other online media. A new "illiteracy" in developing countries, such as my country Indonesia.

I believe that more people who are able to operate blog and create valuable or enhanced articles, will share more real facts or information and create better and better world.

I still remember nine month ago, when my "illiteracy" in blog was started to eradicate!.

With the assistant of my closed friend, I established this Blog. Before, I was envied to see my friends talk about blog and said blog can earn money etc.

At the time, I told my friend that the new blog was aimed at publishing my experiences, ideas and my responses to situation around me that can be read by others, directly from my own media.

For my friend short time of visit, he could only designed me a simple blog from original existing template with out any change.

I frankly tell you, until that moment, I have never heard or received any formal or informal education about blogging. I was blind on it.

Getting the Harangan Sitora as a title of Blog took long discussion. On the occasion, my friend simply told me that the title should be unique.

With a very poor knowledge of blogging principles, I then honored Harangan Sitora”—the forest name at my little village, to be my blog’s name. There was no knowledge about key word, traffic or other aspects of blogging.

Harangan Sitora is one name of nine small forests blocks, located besides my parent's farm/field in my village, Nagasaribu. The village is located in Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The blog is named after the forest, just to remember forest in my vilage and warn people in the world that forest is very important for our future generation.

The titel was automatically appeared, since the forest has been worse since 1970s. I dream my forest back. That was all.

It is then really unique. My childhood memories in my village and forest.

In fact, I am not environment expert who know comprehensive environmental issues. I am a biographer and independent writer, and in addition, a man who has been working in various types of jobs. I would like to record and publish my experiences and ideas for the world.

Finaly, I put the blog title as : “Biografi : Menulis Fakta dan Memberi Makna”, an Indonesian name, which is freely translated to English as “Biography : Writing Facts, Creating Meaning”).

I put the name and the title without any consideration of key word and traffic.

In the beginning, when I started blogging, as a man who was totally blind in blogging, I did not understand key word”, “add link, registered, traffic, etc. I visit :, a website that explains all aspect of blogging.

My friend always criticize the name and the title of this blog, but I have never concerned about the criticism. I only concern of publishing my ideas, and hope that those can help in explaining the mindset, situation around me, valuable thing from my place and people to the world. Tag—an important one for search engine was completely ignored.

What I knew at the beginning was simply posting and publishing articles.

Later, day by day, I got new knowledge. I learned blogging from tens of websites. As a man who was totally blind in blogging, I frankly tell you that blog has taught a lot of new knowledge. I visited to increase traffic of this blog.

Afterward, I have been able to install several important widget, link to other website or web, registered to Google (webmaster tool), find making money although I have never received any money until this moment), make a name of website link when I write on blog and other small things but important. I also try to see,

With a very limited knowledge in the beginning, as blogger and managing publication blog, I have been able to publish my articles about my ideas, the stories of people around me, old documents, and others, reaching thousands of readers to 27 different countries in the world. I have been a small world self-publisher!.

However, I am concerned about my article which have been published in adult blogs or websites. Since several month ago, when I search at Google with Harangan-Sitora, I have found (I did not put in the list below) that several adult blogs and websites grabing and publising some articles and even my complete blog in their adult webs or blogs. My friends have complained for the existence of my blog or some articles at some adult blog.

I do not know how to protect this!. However, I hope and pray the content of Harangan Sitora will not be published in adult blog or web. Since the beginning, I have no intention to put any adult content to this blog.

I have no objection to any people using my articles for their advertisement or simply to increase their traffic, but not for any adult blog or website. My sisters and brothers, please delete my article from your adult web and blog. And for advertiser, please do not put any adult advertisement in this blog.

By the way, let me tell you my blog achievements. For your information, I managed this blog simply by posting and editing articles and adding links, without any investment or other tools. Some times I promoted this web by writing response on other blog.

On December 30, 2009, I conducted Google searching using key word of Harangan-Sitora”.

I found search result of 4870. It was a drastically increase from less than two thousand on September 2009. I do not really understand what the meaning of the figure. In my point of view at this moment, there were almost 5000 thousand views or clicks by other people to this sites. (Please let me know if this is true!).

This blog has been visited by 27 different countries. I knew this from flag counter which I installed on September, 2009. For me it is amazing, since in the beginning I directed this blog was only for Indonesian people. I have intention to gradually write articles in English to meet the demand.

Then, I searched popularity of this blog through, an instant, online reports of a site's link popularity rating in 6 top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, and others. I also visit KeyWord Database,,

The website showed the figure as follows : AlltheWeb (113 Views), AltaVista (310 Views), Google (407 Views). Total popularity was 830. (Until this time, I did not understand this figure yet. I some times I was curious why this figure was up and down, not increasing in linier). In addition, this blog has been appeared in Zeal.

There were 22 links of this blog (I do not understand the meaning of this). However, there is a relation between total links to popularity and value as well.

I installed monitoring tools of good indicators of blog for evaluation. The value and rank was measured by esitestats (, and

Esitestats recorded value of US$ 120 (893,235 rank in esitesats) and the second recorded the blog value of US$ 85 (4,552,648 rank at Alexa, slightly increased compared to more than 22 million Alexa rank on September 2009.

I also learn how to create blog capability to automatically display new entries from other blogs, called "Really Simple Syndication," or RSS. I can add this capability easily to a

However, Google Adsense--a prestigious for most blogger, has rejected second application of this blog. It is not a big problem for me, since this blog was not intended to be a commercial one. (However, I hope Google Adsense will approve my next application, when I match its requirements).

By December 30, 2009, Harangan Sitora has been followed or linked to the following blogs or websites (excluding adult websites or blogs).

Thank you for the website owners or bloggers who have participated in popularizing this blog. Reader comments and suggestions are very expected to improve this blog in the future!.

Let us be blogger, create better world!.

Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

Jannerson Girsang

Independent Writer, Public and Media Relations

"Seeking Peace Communication"

My visitors and friends who have visited or those who have just dropped by for the first time . I am Jannerson Girsang the owner of this blog, would like you to know more about myself. I was born in a village and now live in Medan, Capital City of North Sumatra. From an isolated village to an unlimited view of great world, that is my life story.

You may not believe that although I am Indonesian, I could not speak Indonesian well until 16. In the morning, I went to school and later in the afternoon, worked at farm (ladang), looked around : only mountain, mountain limited my view. I knew only less than 5 kilometer from the place where I stood. We used Simalungun language--a specific language of one of five Batak sub-etcnics in school and home. This is to describe how isolated my village was.

When I left my village in 1977, there was no telephone, no electricity. Transportation was only once a day served by truck, and one a week by bus. I was born in Nagasaribu—a small village near Lake Toba—a largest lake in South East Asia. It is included in the administrative of North Sumatra province, Indonesia.

Of course, it has been very different now. My village has been served by electricity, mobile telephone and better transportation. I myself live in Medan since 1990, after spent nine years in Jakarta and West Java and four years in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra.

My grand father and parent are Christian and I am Christian. In Medan, in front, beside and back of my house are Moslem of several ethnics. Different environment with my village where all population are Christian, however we can respect each other. We live together in peace and harmony.

After completion my undegraduate at noticed agricultural university in Java, I entered work place with unique story of jobs and experiences. Experiencing 4 times of lay off (PHK), because the companies where I worked were bankrupt/closed. I have also experiences in some institution to refusing of extending my contract with some reasons.

You can imagine, how hard is my life, and how I have to struggle with changes of work environment and competencies! However, I tell you every people has their own life and way to struggle. Every people are different, like different DNA they have. However, I have unique way to enjoy my life, not to blame the situation.

Graduated from Bogor Agriculture Institute, IPB Bogor in 1985, I have worked for several offices with different scope of works--soil survey in West Java, lecturer in soil science, acting rector of a private university when I was still 27, reporter, economic assistant in a foreign consulate general in Medan, data management in telecommunication company, managed reporting (ACT International)and aids distribution (Yayasan Tanggul Bencana, YTBI) for Tsunami and Earth Quake survivor in Aceh. As Program Manager at YTBI, I managed almost 200 staff and 5 Program Managers with different back ground of religion and ethnic.

I have lived for several weeks in each provinces of Sumatra, observed economic and societies in all part of Sumatra. For two years (2005-2006), some times I lived in isolated area of Aceh, met and worked together with friendly and open of Moslem Acehnese.

During the period, I have produced general economic progress for several years for companies. Between 2005-2006, I wrote report from Tsunami and Earth Quake locations in Aceh and Nias for ACT International in Geneva (as Information Officer) and Yayasan Tanggul Bencana (as Program Manager).

My report can still be read on,, http://www.reliefweb.intl, and others

In offices--where I ever worked, I met and worked together with American, Dutch,France, German, Canadian, Finnish, British, Indian, Arabic, Acehnese, Javanese, etc.

I can communicate in written and spoken English, and some local language (Sunda, Batak, little Aceh Language, Littel Nias). I learn the culture of many people from different ethnic, nations, and religion.

I have to see and share with people and make them friend. My friend (quoted a book) once said : "You have to add at least 10 new close people every year. To whom you can call and share". It is very simple to say but very hard to realize. Now I am entering my 49. I shoud have 490 people to call and share.

In my point of view, the statement is to maintain and improve my networking. Make people around me happy. In fact, I have broad network in Sumatra island and also in other places, but not all I can call and share every day.

I received short training in leadership (Manila), management (strategic planning, middle management in company, disaster management in Jakarta), telecommunication for non-engineer (Singapore), news writing, peace communication, English, interfaith discussion, internet and others.

I read Eight Habits, The Art of Leadership (Manning/Curtis), Complete Publicity Plans (Sandra Beckwith), Gandhi’s Passion the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi (Stanley Wolpert), translated to Indonesian as Mahatma Gandhi Sang Penakluk, Google Success Story (David A.Vise), translated to Indonesian as Kisah Sukses Google, Barrack Obama : The Audacity of Hope: Thought on Reclaiming The American Dream (translated to Indonesia as Barack Obama : Dari Jakarta ke Gedung Putih), Poe Shadow : A Novel (translated to Indonesian as Misteri Kematian Poe), Shoe Hok-Gie : A Biography of A Young Indonesian Intellectual (John Maxwell), translated to Indonesian as Shoe Hok Gie: Pergulatan Intelektual Muda Melawan Tirani.

For writing inspiration and tools, I regularly visited several websites :,,,,,,

After 24 years, among North Sumatra people and friends, I am known as writer, public and media relation, campaign consultant, and church activist.

Entering the 21st century, I am concerned to maintain and record value of place and great people by writing biography, autobiography and places when I took traveling. In addition, I prepare press release and media relation for companies, association, institution and individual.

I started to write seriously after 2000, because I believe that writing is to serve people. Spent thousands of hours for writing, writing, without counting per hour salary. Writing is satisfaction in greatness.

When you feel you are nothing, please go to silent room and write. You will get something great!

I have published 12 biographies and autobiographies of a former North Sumatra governor, a former regents and top leader of churches, and others. Some of the books are available at local book stores and libraries in Indonesia or other countries.

This year, I only produced two autobiographies of wife of church leader and former church leader. Satisfaction and greatness generate me energy to work. Some times I have to sell my valuable things to finance my life. I hope 2010 will be more prospect for knowledge workers who seek greatness.

I write articles of economic, social issues, media, women, for local medias (Analisa, Medan Bisnis and Sinar Indonesia Baru), see,, and other local websites and local bulletins.

I gave speeches in leadership and management to the youth, pastors and others in North Sumatra. Some times I am invited to be a jury in local writing competition.

Plan in 2010

I have to complete two biographies.

I am also preparing my parent Golden Marriage Story, that will launch on April 2010 and my experiences in writing 12 biographies and autobiographies. I prepare life story of golden marriage to my beloved mother and father who put high appreciation for greatness.

I will also work as independent consultant in public and media relations for companies, association, institution and individual.

My new concern is to study more the potential internet technology for youth alternative income in a good manner (out of cheating). Internet promises opportunity for youth to run business.

My Specialties:

Good knowledge of Sumatra Island and People. Accepted to work with various level and types of people. I am free to cooperate with all people in the scope of my experiences.

Through my long experience, I have ability to share to the people. Of course, I can not tell you all other valuable thing that I have experienced in this short article. For more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me on :

I like the quotes below:

"Our desires is to unite all human being regardless of race, religion, or political persuasion into one force giving our all, specially for the "very least" among us.

"If we organize ourselves properly and appoint a governing body, and give it the necessary powers, we can assure all humans have the ability to exist with one purpose only: to fulfill the realization of the self. Any body so appointed that can do this for us will gain our gratitude, support, and never-ending acceptance. We would all live much happier and stress-free, and we would begin to respect and honor our government instead of condemn and fight against it".

Since there has never existed such a body, we have to create one ourselves.

Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Apa di Balik Gunung: Profil Lermianna Girsang

Oleh: Jannerson Girsang


Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya menerima Undangan Hari Ulang Tahun Bibel Frau Lermianna Girsang, seorang perempuan yang bertahun-tahun merupakan sumber inspirasi kami. Seorang yang memberi perhatian besar pada orang di sekelilingnya. Seorang yang berkeinginan belajar terus menerus, serta menghargai orang lain. Kisah dirinya ini sekaligus juga merupakan bahan refleksi bagi kami sendiri dan semoga bermanfaat bagi pembaca blog ini.

Perempuan bertubuh pendek dan lincah itu, masih energik memasuki usia 60 tahun, 3 Desember 2009, bertepatan dengan Adven Pertama, saat orang Kristen menyambut Hari Natal. Berbicara di kediaman kami di Medan beberapa waktu lalu, dia banyak berkisah tentang kehidupannya, dan mengapa dia harus mengadakan syukuran atas masa pensiun yang akan dia jalani beberapa hari ke depan.

Mantan Ketua Penginjil GKPS (Gereja Kristen Protestan Simalungun) ini mengaku, Tuhan telah membimbingnya menjawab pertanyaan “Ada Apa di Balik Gunung itu”, satu demi satu dalam perjalanan hidupnya; tiga tahun di Sekolah Penginjil Wanita, dan 38 ahun pelayanannya sebagai Penginjil di GKPS--sebuah gereja dengan lebih dari 200 ribu jemaat dan berkantor pusat di Pematangsiantar itu, hingga memasuki masa pensiun.

Sebuah perjalanan hidup yang menghasilkan pemaknaan darinya sebagai refleksi dari perjalanan itu. Kisah kehidupannya sendiri selama 60 tahun, menurutnya merupakan jawaban pertanyaan seputar “Apa di Balik Gunung”, serta refleksinya atas jawaban pertanyaan itu.

Berikut kisahnya.

Lermianna Girsang, anak kedua dari 10 bersaudara ini, lahir Mardingding, Simalungun, 3 Desember 1949. Mardingding terletak di pinggir jalan besar Kabanjahe-Pematangsiantar. Ke arah Timur dari kampung yang ketika itu berpenduduk tidak lebih dari 40 Kepala Keluarga ini, terletak kota kecil Saribudolok. Di masa anak-anak dan remajanya, itulah satu-satunya pekan yang dikenal penduduk di daerah itu, dan jaraknya hanya 3 kilometer lebih sedikit. Ke sebelah Barat kampung ini terletak gunung Sipisopiso dengan air terjunnya yang terkenal, ”Sipiso-piso Water Fall” atau Air Terjun Sipiso-piso. Di sebelah Utara terdapat pegunungan dengan dua gunung berapi yang menjulang tinggi, Gunung Sinabung dan Gunung Sibayak, sedangkan di sebelah Barat, terpampang deretan pegunungan.

Kondisi geografi yang demikian membuat Lermianna senantiasa bertanya “Ada apa di Balik Gunung Itu?”. Pasalnya, sampai masa remajanya, Lermianna hanya pernah mengunjungi pekan Saribudolok dan hanya satu kali “naik truk” ke Air Terjun Sipisopiso. Dia menyelesaikan Sekolah Rakyat (SR) di Tigaraja dan kemudian Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) di Saribudolok. Praktis, perjalanan yang ditempuhnya kurang dari sepuluh kilometer dari kampungnya. Dalam perjalanannya ke sekolah dan ladang. , pemandangan yang dilihatnya hanya gunung-gunung di sekeliling kampungnya yang senantiasa menghalangi pandangannya.

Selain itu, kondisi ekonomi keluarganya turut menghalangi ruang geraknya. Anak kedua dari sepuluh bersaudara ini melukiskan keadaan ekonomi keluarganya ”kurang mampu”. Kondisi ini memang memaksanya setiap pulang sekolah harus membantu orangtuanya ke ladang. Dia terlibat mengerjakan ladang orang tuanya atau pergi mencari upahan mangomo) di ladang orang lain, kalau dia membutuhkan uang saku. ”Orang tua saya tidak punya uang selain menyediakan makanan dan biaya sekolah,”ujarnya.

Bahkan, sebelum menyelesaikan SMP, Lermianna putus sekolah. Alasannya cukup sepele. Ban sepedanya kempes dan orang tuanya tidak mau memberi uang untuk memperbaikinya. Hingga muncul tindakan bodohnya. Tidak melanjutkan sekolah!.

Keputusan ini, bukannya jadi ”mala petaka” bagi orang tuanya, bahkan dimaknai sebuah ”berkat”, karena dia bisa jadi “aset” mengatasi kesulitan ekonomi keluarga. Pada 1967, saat putus sekolah itu, ayahnya Benyamin Girsang meninggal dunia. Lermianna di usia 18 tahun sangat diharapkan bisa membantu menyokong ekonomi keluarga.

Setiap hari—dari pagi hingga sore, Lermianna bekerja di ladang, meski sebenarnya di dalam hatinya ada tekad untuk menjawab pertanyaan “Ada Apa di Balik Gunung itu”. “Sebenarnya, hati saya terus berontak. Saya tidak mau hidup di kampung, karena hidup di kampung tidak akan bisa menjawab pertanyaan itu”ujarnya.

Keinginannya keluar dari kampung semakin besar, saat bertemu dengan salah seorang namborunya (saudara sepupu ayahnya) yang ketika itu Sekolah Perawat di Rumah Sakit Cikini Jakarta, yang pulang saat berlibur. Jakarta, sebuah tempat yang sangat asing bagi seorang gadis yang hanya bisa keluar tak lebih sepuluh kilometer dari kampungnya.

Pertemuan itu menambah keinginannya keluar dari kampungnya mencari jawaban “Ada Apa di Balik Gunung”. Bahkan dia bertekad mengumpulkan uang sendiri. “Saya senantiasa menyimpan uang itu di dalam tudung (penutup kepala) saya. Meski sebenarnya uang itu tidak pernah cukup, seandainyapun dikumpul bertahun-tahun,”ujarnya.

Tapi, dari manakah datangnya pertolongan?. “Aku melayangkan mataku ke gunung-gunung, dari manakah datangnya pertolonganku?. Pertolonganku ialah dari Tuhan saja”.

Ayahnya Benyamin Girsang dan ibunya Morlinim boru Sinaga, adalah pasangan yang tekun beragama, meski keluarga ini kesulitan ekonomi. Sikap ini diwarisi Lermianna sejak kecil. Orangtuanya menganjurkannya mengikuti Sekolah Minggu dan kemudian sejalan usianya meningkat, dia mengikuti kebaktian di gereja.

Dalam sebuah kebaktian minggu, pada acara ting-ting (pengumuman) di gereja Lermianna mengarahkan perhatiannya. Sebuah berita penting, penerimaan Sekolah Penginjil Wanita di Sondiraya, sebuah sekolah yang baru saja dibuka GKPS. Tingting ini meyakinkannya sebagai “petunjuk” atas jawaban pertanyaannya selama ini. ”Ada Apa di Balik Gunung”.

Hatinya bulat mendaftar ke Sekolah Penginjil Wanita (SPW) di Sondiraya. Meski di awal, dia ragu apakah orang tuanya mengijinkannya mengikuti sekolah itu. Pasalnya, dari segi kemampuan ekonomi, hal itu tidak mungkin. Ayahnya baru saja meninggal, tentu beban ibunya akan bertambah berat menanggung saudara-saudaranya yang ketika itu masih dalam usia sekolah. Apalagi, selama ini, dia sudah “marharoan” dan bisa membantu meringankan beban orang tuanya.

Pulang dari gereja GKPS Nagasaribu di Tigaraja (beberapa desa di Silima Kuta masih mengadakan kebaktian di gereja itu), Lermianna langsung menemui Evangelis GKPS St Nelson Girsang di Mardingding. Pria ini tidak lain adalah adik ayahnya sendiri. Keinginannya mendaftar ke SPW, ternyata disambut baik ”mangudanya” itu. Evangelis Nelson bersedia memberitahu ibunya soal keinginannya ini. Ibunyapun merestui keinginan putrinya itu.

Lantas mereka bertiga, bersama ibunya dan St Nelson menemui Pendeta JM Girsang di Tigaraja, berjalan kaki sejauh 2 kilometer dari kampung di Mardingding. Pendek cerita, dia memenuhi seluruh persyaratan administrasi.

Bersama siswa lainnya dia menjalani tes dan lulus. Lulus bukan berarti hambatan terlewati. Mereka harus membayar sejumlah kewajiban. “Sungguh luar biasa Tuhan membantu manusia,”ujar Lermianna. Ketika itu, menurutnya, ada seorang warga di Sondiraya yang membantu orang-orang tak mampu seperti dirinya. Jadi, “kami hanya membayar uang membeli sabun dan keperluan kecil sehari-hari,”ujarnya terharu.

Bersama sekitar 15 orang siswa SPW, pada 1968, Lermianna mulai mengikuti SPW yang lama pendidikannya 3 tahun. Sebelum mengikuti pelajaran, guru berkebangsaan Jerman menjelaskan pelajaran-pelajaran yang akan mereka terima dan buku-buku yang harus disiapkan. Setiap pelajaran harus dilengkapi dengan buku tulis dan buku pelajaran. Sang guru bertanya, persiapan apa yang sudah mereka miliki. “Saat itu saya hanya memiliki bibel perjanjian Baru dan buku Haleluya” kata Lermianna lirih, betapa dia sebenarnya tidak mampu memenuhi kebutuhan buku-buku yang dimaksud gurunya itu. Untungnya seseorang bersedia memberikan bantuan kepadanya, bersama dengan beberapa orang temannya, sehingga mereka terbebas dari beberapa kewajiban sekolah.

Kegiatan sekolah di SPW berjalan dan suatu ketika dia berontak dan ingin keluar. Karena ternyata, sekolah baginya terasa sulit, dan lebih enak kembali ke ladang. Keluhan ini diutarakannya kepada St Nelson Girsang yang suatu ketika berkunjung ke Asrama mereka. Lermianna menyaksikan St Nelson berbicara dengan Suster Ursulla, guru mereka. Tetapi setelah itu dia pulang begitu saja, tanpa pernah merespon keluhannya. “Manguda Nelson tidak pernah menanggapi keluhan saya. Hingga saya lulus,”kenang Lermianna yang kemudian memaknainya sebagai sebuah tindakan yang bijaksana. Dengan segala keluhan dan kesulitannya, akhirnya Lermianna lulus dari SPW, bersama sebelas siswa SPW lainnya yang dinyatakan lulus. “Ada tiga orang yang ketika itu belum lulus,”katanya. Menurut Lermianna, sekolah itu hanya satu angkatan, dan setelah itu tidak menerima murid baru lagi.

Minggu, 17 September 1971. Lermianna bersolek dan melengkapi dirinya dengan baju kebaya, memakai sangggul seperti ibu-ibu. Seorang Bibel Frau harus tampil dewasa, meski usia mereka masih muda. Sebab nantinya mereka dituntut melayani orang-orang dewasa di tengah-tengah jemaat.

Hari itu adalah hari yang bersejarah baginya. Gereja GKPS Sondiraya menjadi saksi saat Pimpinan Pusat GKPS (Ephorus Pendeta Lesman Purba dan Sekjen Pendeta Armencius Munthe) menahbiskannya menjadi Bible Frau. Mereka mengucapkan janji Bibel Frau. “Aku sudah resmi menjadi Bibel Frau, bukan lagi murid sekolah Bibel Frau,”ujarnya dalam Buku Penginjil Diutus ke Dunia (2008).

Saat menegangkan kemudian tiba. Dia kaget mendengar pengumuman penempatannya menjadi Ibu Asrama di Asrama Putri Sondiraya merangkap ke GKPS Sondiraya. “Saya harus bekerja dengan orang Jerman? Bahasanya saya tidak mengerti, berpengetahuan luas. Oh Tuhan..”. Saat itu Zr Elizabeth Steinhard (anak pendeta Johannes dari Jerman yang lahir di desa Raya, Berastagi) adalah Pimpinan Asrama dan Zr Ursulla Woerman menangani pelayanan wanita di jemaat.

Pengalamannya selama dua belas tahun di bawah bimbingan dua suster Jerman itu di Asrama Putri Sondiraya memberinya sebuah refleksi kehidupan “Bekerja sambil belajar dan belajar membenahi diri”. Bersinggungan dengan orang Jerman memaksanya belajar bahasa Jerman dan menguasainya dengan baik. Pengelolaan asrama bagi seorang bekas “parharoan” bukan sesuatu yang mudah. Namun tekadnya belajar membuatnya mampu menjalaninya dengan baik.

Sebuah tantangan baru dihadapinya. 1984 Pimpinan Pusat GKPS menugaskannya sebagai Penginjil Wanita pertama di luar Pulau Sumatera. Dia kembali bergumul. “Apakah saya ini dilempar jauh, Tuhan. Apakah saya dihukum?”. Delapan tahun enam bulan melayani di sana, Lermianna memperoleh pengalaman baru. Ternyata jemaat Tuhan yang hidup di kota Metropolitan sarat dengan persolan kehidupan yang membuat mereka memerlukan ketenangan jiwa melalui ibadah-ibadah gerejawi, belajar, mendengar dan memahami Firman Tuhan,” ujarnya. Itulah menurutnya menguatkan mereka menghadapi hidup. Tugas pelayanannya kemudian memasuki kota terbesar di Sumatera, Medan. Pimpinan Pusat menempatkannya di GKPS Resort Medan Timur selama tujuh tahun (1992-1999), lantas ke GKPS Resort Pakam (1999-2001).

Dari penugasannya sebagai Penginjil Wanita di berbagai tempat, Lermianna menyimpulkan : “Ternyata, melayani di desa dan kota, serupa tapi tak sama. Dimanapun kita melayani, ada suka dan tantangannya. Kebersamaan dengan jemaat itu mendorong semangat melayani dan menjadi kekuatan yang tak dapat saya lupakan,” katanya.

Lermianna adalah seorang Penginjil yang di mata Pimpinan Pusat GKPS mampu mengerjakan tugas-tugas baru. Jauh di luar hal yang dipelajarinya sebagai lulusan Sekolah Penginjil Wanita. Delapan tahun menjelang memasuki masa pensiun, Lermianna ditugaskan di kantor Pusat GKPS, menangani Oikumene dan Kemitraan.

Dia kembali bergumul. “Apalah aku ini Tuhan?. Apa yang dapat saya lakukan di kantor Pusat dalam pelayanan oikumene dan kemitraan GKPS?. Saya ini gagap teknologi. Tanganku belum pernah menyentuh key board komputer...... Mungkin aku ini salah tempat,”ujarnya. Keluhan yang wajar.

Mula-mula dia menghadapinya dengan sikap pesimis. “Awalnya, sampai beberapa hari berikutnya saya masuk kantor, saya seperti kanak-kanak. Datang, duduk, diam dan lihat teman-teman tak mau mengerjakan apapun dan tak tau memulai dari mana,” ungkapnya seolah putus asa dengan tugas barunya itu.

Tetapi, seperti di awal kehidupannya, dalam keyakinannya, Tuhan senantiasa menunjukkan pertolongan melalui apa saja. Kamus, teman-teman di sekitarnya menjadi alat Tuhan membuka pikirannya. Namun,menggunakan komputer dan mengirim email, menjadi pergumulannya paling besar. Maklum, usianya sudah di atas 50-an, dan sebelumnya tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa komputer akan menjadi alat vital bagi tugasnya.

Hingga kemudian, “Aku bisa menggunakan komputer, dan mengirim email pertama kepada Suster Elizabeth di Jerman,” ujarnya bangga. Komputer dan e-mail kemudian menjadi alat baginya berhubungan dengan dunia ini. Sebuah kemampuan yang dikaruniakan padanya, jauh dari ilmu yang dipelajarinya di SPW Sondiraya puluhan tahun sebelumnya.

Wawasannya terbuka, dan kemudian dia mampu melaksanakan tugas-tugasnya mengadakan pertemuan, komunikasi, perkenalan, persahabatan, perkunjungan secara timbal balik dengan mitra-mitra di dalam dan luar negeri.

Pertanyaannya tentang “Apa di Balik Gunung” yang digumulinya sejak kecil, ternyata dalam kesaksiannya, Tuhan menjawabnya, melebihi sesuatu yang dibayangkannya ketika masih menganggur di Mardingding.

Perjalanannya yang sampai di usia remaja kurang dari sepuluh kilometer, puluhan tahun kemudian, memasuki usianya 60 tahun, Lermianna yang karena tugasnya atau undangan teman-temannya telah menjelajah dunia ini, terbang puluhan jam mencapai lokasi pertemuan atau rapat di Jerman atau negara lain. Berbagai kunjungannya ke luar negeri, memberinya sebagian jawaban pertanyaan itu.

Kirburg, kota kelahiran bekas gurunya Suster Elizabeth berkali-kali dikunjunginya, bahkan salah seorang anggota keluarganya turut serta dalam sebuah kunjungannya ke Jerman. Dia berhasil membina hubungan dengan rekannya, tidak hanya sekedar hubungan kerja, tetapi apa yang dimaknainya sebagai “persaudaraan di dalam Kristus”.

Memasuki masa pensiun, Lermianna memaknai pertanyaan “Apa di Balik Gunung”, dengan pemahaman baru, berbeda ketika dia masih "marharoan" di Mardingding. “Aku akan belajar tentang banyak hal yang belum saya ketahui dan bisa dipakai untuk memuliakan Tuhan,”ujarnya mantap.

Memasuki masa pensiun, Lermianna yang karena pilihannya tidak menikah seumur hidupnya, tinggal di Pematangsiantar bersama ibunya Morlinim br Sinaga, perempuan tegar yang kini sudah berusia 86 tahun.

Selamat Ulang Tahun ke-60 dan memasuki pensiun. Tuhan memberkati.

Artikel di atas diramu dari wawancara dan berbagai sumber.

Keterangan Foto: Gunung Singgalang, dekat Saribudolok, Kabupaten Simalungun dengan ketinggian 1865 meter diatas permukaan laut (atas) dan Gunung Sipisopiso, dekat Air Terjun Sipisopiso, Kabupaten Karo dengan ketinggian 2094 meter di atas permukaan laut (Bawah). Kampung Mardingding terletak di atara kedua gunung tersebut.