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Kamis, 19 Mei 2016

Surat dari si "Pintar" Jeff Goins

Hari ini saya bergabung dengan Jeff Goins--penulis buku best seller The Art of Work" dan buku The Beginner's Guide to Building an Audience. 

Janji menulis 500 kata per hari.

Sebelumnya, saya memang sudah melatih diri menulis satu artikel sehari, walau tidak terus menerus. Tetapi, karena seorang penulis hebat menyarankan pengalamannya, saya ikuti saja dulu. Pasti ada sesuatu yang berubah pada diri saya.

Jeff menyarankan saya menuliskannya di FB, jadi saya tuliskan juga. Semoga berguna bagi teman-teman. Berikut suratnya.


Welcome to the My 500 Words community.

The first, most important thing in starting any new habit is commitment.

Today is the first day of your 31-day challenge. Maybe it feels intimidating. Maybe it feels exciting.
A month isn't a short amount of time. If you finish this challenge, you will have written over 15,000 words. 

That's a lot.

We have a whole community here to encourage you and help you complete the challenge (and keep going if you want to). But ultimately, you have to want it for yourself more than anyone else wants it for you.

So what do you do to get started?

Commit - now. Not when you're 10 days in and already exhausted. Make a mental effort to decide to finish this thing before you start.

Announce it on Facebook. Write a blog post (be sure to join the link-up here: Tell your neighbor. Ask a friend to hold you accountable.

 Do something today to declare to the world your commitment to write for 31 days straight.

And then deliver on what you promised. Oh, and course, write 500 words. But you knew that already.

See you tomorrow!


Medan, 18 Mei 2016

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